OSMnx and Street Network Elevation Data

Check out the journal article about OSMnx.

OSMnx can now download street network elevation data for anywhere in the world. In one line of code it downloads the elevation in meters of each network node, and in one more line of code it can calculate every street (i.e., edge) grade. Here is the complete street network of San Francisco, California, with nodes colored according to their elevation:

OSMnx street network elevation data for San Francisco, California to calculate street grade and steepness

Here we find that the average street grade in San Francisco is 4.0% and the median street grade is 2.6%. OSMnx uses the Google Maps Elevation API to determine the elevation of each node in the network, given their latitude-longitude coordinates. For full details and demonstration, check out this notebook in the OSMnx GitHub repo or read the documentation.

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  1. Geoff,
    (I am sending this message in this comment section because I could not find your personal email. This comment is not in reference to this specific research.)

    Zillow CEO announced on cbs this morning that zillow is offering a one million dollar prize for an algorithm to improve their estimations of home value. For competition info, try googling key words.
    I suggest to you creating an algorithm that includes population of locale, wage spectrums of locale, etc., so that affordability for all ranges of local working residents is calculated. Currently, properties are being bought up by wealthy investors who raise rents and make housing not affordable for the majority of working class people living within the region…
    We’ve had similar discussions following your 2016 AAG presentation in SF.

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