Hong Kong at Night

Hong Kong is a remarkable place. It is the 4th-densest sovereign state or self-governing territory in the world (in 1st place is its neighbor across the delta: Macau). Yet this density is fantastically constrained by the mountains and the sea into narrow, snaking corridors of high-rises wherever the terrain permits. At no time is this unique urban development better seen than at night, when Hong Kong lights up like a carnival.

I took these photos from the top of Victoria Peak on Hong Kong island and from the Tsim Sha Tsui promenade on the Kowloon peninsula, using long exposures of between 3 and 12 seconds.





Victoria Peak and the Tsim Sha Tsui promenade are the best places to view the Hong Kong skyline in all its glory. The Peak is accessible via either the Peak Tram or an incredibly arduous and informal hike up from Central. I have done both, and would suggest the tram unless you are a masochist. The TST promenade is particularly, ah, interesting at 8:00 pm each night when a musical light show plays across the skyscrapers on both sides of Victoria harbor.

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