Systems and Methods for Analyzing Requirements

Cite as: Beck, A. E., G. Boeing, and D. Shannon. 2014. “Systems and Methods for Analyzing Requirements.” United States Patent 8,650,186. Washington, DC: United States.

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(Also published as European Patent EP2413256, Australian Patent AU20112049, Canadian Patent CA2747481, and Chinese Patent CN102346763.)


The present disclosure relates to systems and methods for improving the management of requirements in systems and systems of systems. Multiple requirements databases may be interfaced, and language processing tools may be used to identify requirements having related content. The relevancy of requirements may be based on the semantic distance between terms in the network, their semantic relations, the number of related terms in the requirements, etc. A user may be presented with a navigable cross-section of requirements data relevant to search terms. Thus, added visibility and ease of access is provided for systems and systems of systems.